Five Wall Graphic Benefits For Your Business

There are many varying types of wall graphics. Some are little more than simple signs, and perhaps short bits of text, while others are detailed murals or photographic images. What they all have in common is that they are a special type of repositionable decal that is made to be applied directly to the walls inside your office or store. Read on for reasons to use wall graphics. 1. Strong Branding

Photoluminescent Signage For Your Business

Photoluminescent signage does not consume energy and can be utilized during emergency situations or in areas that are dimly lit and difficult to navigate. Photoluminescent products are reliant upon the absorption of photons and will produce a glowing light when the absorbed materials are emitted. All photoluminescent lighting is designed to comply with safety standards that are mandated in each state. An Aluminum Frame And Varying Color Combinations Most emergency lighting contains a metal barrier that surrounds each exit sign.