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Five Wall Graphic Benefits For Your Business

There are many varying types of wall graphics. Some are little more than simple signs, and perhaps short bits of text, while others are detailed murals or photographic images. What they all have in common is that they are a special type of repositionable decal that is made to be applied directly to the walls inside your office or store.

Read on for reasons to use wall graphics.

1. Strong Branding

A major reason to consider the use of wall decals, particularly in retail establishments and client areas of your office, is to further develop your brand. The graphics can use a combination of logos, colors, and art to showcase the brand you are trying to convey for your business. Fun and colorful graphics, for example, help set the mood to shop in a children's clothing store, while clean and modern designs may be just the thing to set the brand for a high end architectural firm.

2. Affordable

A custom mural or fancy painted wall lettering can be prohibitive in cost. Plus, it may need occasional touchups to keep it looking fresh and in good repair. Wall graphics don't require a high initial investment. Further, they are printed decals, so they are easy and cost effective to replace in the event damage does occur. You can enjoy the same customized look at the fraction of the price.

3. Immersive Marketing

Immersive marketing ensures your products are memorable to potential clients. By surrounding the client with your product in a visually pleasing manner, they are more likely to make a purchase. Wall graphics can be used to showcase some of your best selling items. You can use graphics of the items themselves, or perhaps create a mural of the time line or development process of the product.

4. Improved Wayfinding

Not all wall graphics are about marketing and image. Wayfinding is important for any business, whether you are directing people for safety reasons or simply out of courtesy. Wayfinding graphics can make emergency exits easier to find, as well as restrooms, lobbies, or store sections. Bold wayfinding graphics can also be designed to fit into the style and feel of your brand, thus serving two purposes.

5. Set a Mood

Mood matters when it comes to your business. In employee only spaces, wall graphics can set the workplace culture. Upbeat designs and motivational phrases can help subconsciously create a less stressful working environment. In customer spaces, the use of color and design can set the mood needed for your brand and industry, from bright and upbeat to dependable and professional.

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