Finding Better Signs

Seven Things Your Ornamental Signs Need To Do

Investing in ornamental signs can be an effective way to promote your organization. However, there are numerous goals you need to keep in mind for success when it comes to ornamental sign design and placement.

The following are seven things your signs need to do to be successful.

Attract the viewer's attention

When you put up an ornamental sign, you want to draw attention to your organization. This means that your ornamental signs need to have visual features that grab the viewer's attention and encourage the viewer to find out what the sign is all about. 

Convey a message

You want to put a message across to the viewer with your ornamental signs. Most likely, you'll do this by adding some text to your signs. Text needs to be clearly legible even from a distance to maximize the sign's effectiveness. 

Be readily identifiable with your organization

It has to be clear who placed the sign. You can make your ornamental signs identifiable with your organization through a logo, company name, or other branding methods such as using your organization's unique color scheme in your sign's design.

Complement the appearance of the surrounding environment

You don't want to put up signs for your organization in areas where they will violate aesthetic standards or be opposed by area residents. Ornamental signs need to complement the environment they're placed in. They also need to be permitted there.

If you are not placing ornamental signs on your own property, it's essential that you get permission to place them in the area where they will be located. 

Be memorable

The design of an ornamental sign should be clever so that it stands out in the viewer's memory. That's why it's important to invest in high-quality design services when having your ornamental signs created.

Stand up to the elements

Ornamental signs need to be durable. That's because they are left outside and are therefore subjected to the elements. That's why you need to invest in quality materials for your ornamental signs that won't quickly become damaged by wind or precipitation.

Entice the viewer

A good ornamental sign won't just get a message across. It will also encourage a response in the viewer. This could be a visit to your facility or to your organization's website.

At the very least, you want your ornamental signs to pique the viewer's curiosity so that viewers want to learn more about your organization.