Finding Better Signs

Photoluminescent Signage For Your Business

Photoluminescent signage does not consume energy and can be utilized during emergency situations or in areas that are dimly lit and difficult to navigate. Photoluminescent products are reliant upon the absorption of photons and will produce a glowing light when the absorbed materials are emitted. All photoluminescent lighting is designed to comply with safety standards that are mandated in each state.

An Aluminum Frame And Varying Color Combinations

Most emergency lighting contains a metal barrier that surrounds each exit sign. This barrier is waterproof and protects the materials that are secured inside of it. A photoluminescent sign may contain two color fields. The background of a sign is commonly constructed of a black, green, or red color field. The forefront of a sign, which contains lettering that indicates where an individual should exit, may be designed with a complementary color to the background.

This will allow easy scannability. Regulation exit signs are often a uniform size, and one sign can be placed along the top of any doorway that is going to be used for exiting purposes. This type of signage is often used in educational facilities, factories, commercial retail shops, airplanes, and any other place where people may congregate at any given time.

Optional Products, Placement, And Maintenance Needs

Photoluminescent signage can have words added to it that relate to any language that is spoken within a given region. In the United States, there are many places frequented by people who are not native English speakers. If your place of business caters to people from multiple cultures, order signage that will serve the people who typically spend time at your facility.

If a fire breaks out inside of your business, smoke may impede people's vision. If your business contains several fire hazards, use an alternate display method that will provide people with a clear vantage point of where they need to exit. By doing so, evacuations can be conducted swiftly.

Securing an exit sign at the top of a doorway is common, but securing one along a lower part of a wall can be just as effective. Since smoke rises when fires are active, signage that is located lower along a wall will not be blocked by a smoky haze. Lighting may require routine cleaning, which will eliminate cobwebs or sticky substances from the surface of each display. Incorporate a sign cleaning requirement with the other cleaning tasks that your janitorial staff performs. 

For more information about photoluminescent exit signs, contact a local distributor.