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Retrofitting the Lights in Your Business’s Signs

The large sign that you have outside your business can be instrumental in helping to attract customers and to draw attention to your establishment. For businesses that have older signs, it may be worthwhile to upgrade the lighting that the sign uses.

1. Why Would Want to Retrofit the Lighting on Your Sign?

Retrofitting a sign so that it can use new types of lighting can be an investment in your business that may offer some useful advantages. Upgrading to modern LED light fixtures can allow these signs to work far more reliably and efficiently. This can help to keep the costs of running these signs low as well as limit the need for your company to replace the lighting fixtures on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that an LED fixture may be able to last for several years of near-constant use before it will eventually need to be replaced.

2. Will a Retrofitted Sign Be Less Bright?

Due to the fact that it is increasingly common for commercial signs to use LED fixtures for illumination, some people may assume that this means that they will not be as bright as signs that use traditional bulbs. In reality, the illumination from LED fixtures may actually exceed that of more traditional lighting options. Considering that this superior light output is also using less energy can be a major upgrade for this important marketing tool.

3. Can Any Sign Become Retrofitted for New Lights?

While retrofitting your commercial sign to use LEDs can be a major improvement, it should be noted that not every sign may be compatible with this option. This is particularly common with smaller signs. In these situations, it may be necessary to replace the entire sign in order to enjoy the benefits of LEDs. A commercial sign light retrofitting service will be able to assist you with determining whether the sign will be compatible with retrofitting as well as the options that are available. This type of assessment can be essential for making the best choice for upgrading the lighting for your company's exterior signs. 

A commercial sign that is not properly illuminated can be a common problem for older businesses. Depending on the type and size of sign that your business uses, it may be possible to retrofit the lighting in it so that it will be as bright and efficient as possible.