Finding Better Signs

Custom Signs To Order For Your Restaurant Parking Lot

A restaurant can benefit from all sorts of custom signs, both inside and outside of the establishment. If you have a parking lot outside of your restaurant, you'll want to think about what signage would be useful in this location. You can then share some requests with a local custom sign company, which can produce a few types of signs that you can install in designated areas around the lot. The signs can feature your restaurant's name and logo, as well as some clear wording that is informative for your customers and others who use the lot. Here are three sign ideas that you'll likely want to order.

Customers Only

If your restaurant is near other eateries or retail stores, you may occasionally run into problems with people parking in the lot but then visiting a different business. This is a concern because these individuals are taking up space that should be available to your customers. If a would-be restaurant patron were to arrive and not be able to park with ease, they may decide to visit a different restaurant. You'll want a few signs that make it clear that the lot is only for patrons of your establishment. You may even want the sign to warn people that those who fail to heed this rule may have their cars towed.

To-Go Pickup

Many restaurants handle a large volume of to-go orders each day, with local residents placing orders online or by phone, and then arriving to pick up their food when it's ready. It's a good idea to reserve a few parking spots in a prime area of your lot for these customers. Often, a restaurant will have a few spots next to the door for this purpose. These signs should stipulate that they're for patrons who are picking up to-go orders, and also provide a time limit for each person to use this space — 10 minutes, for example.

Valet Parking

Customers park their own vehicles at most restaurants, but some high-end establishments also offer valet parking. If this is the case for your restaurant, you'll want a sign that marks the valet parking area — an area in which people will leave their vehicles with one of your valets and then walk directly into the eatery. While the presence of a valet stand and the valets themselves should help to make patrons aware of this area, a clearly worded sign will still be an asset.

For more information about ordering custom signs for your establishment, contact a local shop that offers this service.