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3 Tips For Planning An Effective Political Sign Marketing Campaign

You have to market yourself if you expect to win your upcoming election. If people don't know who you are or what you stand for, they won't be likely to actually vote for you on election day. Running a political sign marketing campaign can help you get the attention you need to reach your community members and get their votes. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure that your political sign marketing campaign is an effective one:

1. Buy Your Signs in Bulk

If possible, buy all of your political yard signs at one time in bulk. Doing so will save you some money on the cost of each sign, and you'll have some extras to rely on when you need to replace damaged or stolen signs throughout the campaign season. You can count on needing several more signs that you are actually planning on putting out due to theft, damage, and wear and tear.

So, if you purchase just what you need upfront, there is a good chance that you'll have to purchase more at a later time, which could hinder your budget overall. Luckily, you can easily avoid budgeting sign shortage problems by buying the signs in bulk.

2. Create a Simple Design

Most people will see your signs as they drive by, which means they won't see them for very long at any given time. So you should create a simple design for your signs and avoid intricate photos, backgrounds, and font. Your name should be front and center, as you are the product that you're marketing. Your website address should also be clearly visible, so people know how to find more information about the community topics and political ideologies that you care most about.

A reminder to vote wouldn't hurt either. But you shouldn't need to print anything else on your signs. And stick with basic colors for your signs, so they aren't too distracting. If people focus more on the design and colors than they do your message, your signs won't be doing their jobs.

3. Schedule Interactive Sign Days

It's also a good idea to schedule some interactive sign days for your volunteers throughout the campaign season. One day a week, have your volunteers go out and stand by your signs so they can wave at passersby and hand fliers out. This will help generate more buzz about your overall campaign and draw even more attention to your signs at the end of the day. Having volunteers stand near your signs to interact with the public will give people an opportunity to stop and have their questions and concerns personally addressed.