Finding Better Signs

Big, Bold, And Bouncing: How Will Your Commercial Sign Get People's Attention?

Commercial signs exist for two purposes: to announce where your business is and to advertise. In either case, you are trying to get customers' attention with your sign. You do not want them to miss the sign and not stop by. That is a sale that could have been worth a lot to your business. If you are ready for a new sign, here are some considerations for what to do with this sign that will draw attention to your business's location and advertise at the same time. 


Think waving, roping cowboy along the Las Vegas Strip. Nobody misses that sign, do they? You can see it for several miles down the road in either direction, and you can practically see it outside of town if you get up high enough in the desert hills. That is exactly what you need to be thinking when it comes to your new sign. People can see a big sign, and the bigger, the better. If you can make the sign really interesting while making it really big, then that sign will definitely do its job. 


Does your current sign jump out at people, or does it blend in to the background like some little wallflower sign? Bold colors and designs help. Make it pop out at passersby. Make it unforgettable with its colors and patterns. If you add movement to the colors and patterns, like rainbows and shooting stars (if it applies to your business, of course), then it becomes bolder yet and unmistakably your sign. 

BOUNCING (or at Least, Moving a Lot)

Movement draws the eyes in. An old rule of thumb is to never run from anything dangerous or deadly because that which is dangerous and deadly will immediately be drawn to whatever is creating the rapid movement. It is in the nature of all living things, predator or prey, to zero in on things that move. That is why businesses that have moving, bouncing, flashing, twinkling, or otherwise animated signs do better than their competitors who have signs that remain still. 

Talk to a Commercial Sign Expert

Going forward, talk to a commercial sign design expert. He or she will not only confirm the above but also provide you with some additional ideas on how to make a business sign appealing to customers. Then you can have the experts design an amazing sign for you with custom features.