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A Monument Sign Is An Eye-Catching Way To Mark The Location Of Your Property

A monument sign could be a good choice for your business. These mark your location, provide information, and direct your visitors. It's easy to match the appearance of the sign to your type of business so it can add a professional touch to your driveway or parking lot. Here are a few things you may want to know about getting a monument sign for your property.

Local Codes May Regulate The Sign

Your city may have regulations you must follow when you install a monument sign. The sign may be height restricted and need to be set a certain distance from the highway. You may need a permit for the sign if you also have electricity installed to light it. However, monument signs aren't singled out for code compliance. All business signs must follow certain rules to control a cluttered appearance and so they don't get in the way of driver visibility. The good thing about monument signs is they are at eye level and less likely to be annoying to the public. And since they don't have to compete with signs on poles or buildings, they are easy to spot when driving.

Monument Signs Are Made Of Various Materials

Another benefit of monument signs is that they can be made from brick, concrete, stone, aluminum, or foam that can be shaped to look like wood or rocks. This variety ensures you can find a monument sign that matches your business perfectly whether you want to portray a professional, industrial, retail, or recreational image. The letters on the sign can be made in different ways too so the sign is easy to read from the road, and the letters or sign can be lit at night. The light draws attention to the sign and makes it easy to read even in darkness.

A Monument Sign Draws Attention To Your Property Entrance

A monument sign is ideal along the side of your driveway because this signals drivers to turn when they may not be able to see your building behind a curve or trees. A parking lot is another good location for a monument sign so visitors know the lot is for them to use. A monument sign is usually placed near the road to mark your property, but smaller monument signs can also be used on your grounds if you have several buildings and people need help finding their way.

A monument could be important for your business by helping people find your location and by reflecting the theme of your company. It's one of many types of signs you may need when you deal with the public and they need help finding you and knowing how to navigate on your property. Contact a service, like Aubrey Sign Co, for more help.