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4 Great Reasons To Retrofit Your Business' Sign

The way in which you light your business' sign can make a bigger difference than you might think. Many businesses still rely on neon to power their signs that attract customers, but LED has so many advantages over neon that there is now no reason not to make the switch. Though a traditional sign may have served your business well in the past, there are more than enough reasons to make the upgrade. Take a look below at just four of the best ones.


Sign maintenance is just one more thing to worry about as a business owner, so why spend any more time and energy focused on it than you have absolutely have to? With more traditional lighting methods, you'll have to have your sign inspected and possibly fixed multiple times a year. But an LED sign needs little to no maintenance in comparison. At most, maintenance of an LED sign will occur every five years or so.


Another huge priority of any business owner is safety. While neon lights might look pretty, they unfortunately represent a massive fire hazard. That's because neon signs require a huge amount of voltage to operate, and if something goes wrong, a fire is virtually guaranteed. LED signs, on the other hand, use substantially less voltage. This means that not only will your energy bill be much lower, but you won't be putting your business at risk either.


What good is lighting if it has to be replaced every couple of years? This is a legitimate concern with more traditional forms of sign lighting, but not so with LED signs. In fact, quality LED retrofitting can last you more than ten years. During this time, it doesn't take long for savings to add up and your new LED signs to effectively pay for themselves. So even if maintenance and safety aren't big concerns, it makes simple business sense to retrofit your neon signs.


Of course, the ultimate goal with any business sign is visibility. Older signs are naturally more prone to occasionally dim or even fail outright, which might mean lost business opportunities. Retrofitting for LED lights is a way to ensure that this kind of thing doesn't happen again, and that anybody who passes by your business is bound to see the sign out front. This in itself can mean ample returns on investment even in the short term.

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