Finding Better Signs

Drawing Customers Into Your Roadside Diner

If you just opened a diner in your hometown, you are most likely excited to serve your customers meals and be able to make a living doing so. While you will build a rapport with the locals, it is important you also try advertising to those who do not live in the area so you can gain even more money as a result. Here are some ideas you can use to attract attention of those passing by your diner in an attempt to get them to come inside for a bite to eat. 

Make Sure Lighting Is Present

If you are going to be serving meals after it gets dark outdoors, using lighting outside of your establishment is a must. Invest in a well-lit LED sign to get those driving or walking past to look in your diner's direction. You can use this sign to tell potential customers about daily specials, helping to entice them to come inside. Flood lighting can be directed toward printed signs that you hang on the diner's exterior as well. Neon or LED lighting can also be placed inside the front windows of your diner. Talk to businesses like MaxxLite to learn about your lighting options.

Use Moving Objects To Draw Attention

People passing by your establishment will be more likely to look in its direction if there is something moving around in the front of your building. Use a blow-up character as a mascot to pique interest in those who are in the vicinity. This can be positioned near a sign with the diner's name so those who see it will associate it's presence with the business. Alternately, have an employee dress up and dance around near your diner's sign to get people to notice it. Balloons or pinwheels can also be attached to your diner's sign to get people to notice it.

Host An Event To Get Repeat Business

Holding an attraction in your diner's parking area will help get people in the area to come to the establishment to find out more about your business. Consider hosting a weekend yard sale, a classic vehicle show, or a fundraising event in tandem with a community group. These events will bring people to your property and they may go inside to have a meal while visiting your property. Offering discounts to those who are attending an event is also a gesture that will make people more likely to come inside to see what you have on your menu.