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3 Banner Ideas That Could Increase Traffic To Your Business

Has business started to slow down recently for your store? If you are searching for a way to increase your daily foot traffic, you might be looking into purchasing some advertising somewhere, but what if you don't have the budget to take out space in the newspaper or put a commercial on television? Luckily, there is another option that could potentially still be quite effective if you use it properly. Installing a giant banner or sign outside your store might just attract the attention you are looking for. Here are 3 banner ideas that might help increase foot traffic to your business.

Advertise Your Latest Additions

Did your store recently start carrying a big name brand that you previously did not have? If you were to advertise this fact on your banner, you might pull in a customer who otherwise would never think of coming to your store. You might even get a former customer to come back if they previously visited you and didn't find anything they liked but now they know you are carrying the new brand.

Hold a Storewide Sale and Advertise It in Huge Letters

Everyone loves a sale. But what's even better than just a regular sale on a few select brands? How about a storewide sale where you take a set percentage off of every single item, no strings attached" Simply writing "20 PERCENT OFF STOREWIDE" in large red letters that can be seen from the nearby highway might be just the ticket towards getting some bargain hunters to come and take a look.

Advertise an Event or Celebration

If your business is still somewhat new to the community and you'd like to give it a jumpstart, why not hold an official grand opening, with a huge banner, balloons and confetti, free coupons for everyone, and maybe a hot dog vendor or a balloon artist for the kids? If that won't work for you, then perhaps you could hold some other type of event, like getting a local sports star to stop in and sign autographs for a set amount of time that you advertise on your banner. Casual passersby might be more likely to stop in if they know there's a special occasion going on.

Installing a large banner in front of your store with a special message can be an affordable way to increase the traffic to your store. Just make sure the banner plays by your local municipality's rules when it comes to large signs. For more information on banners, contact a local sign business such as Davis Sign Co.