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Caring For Your Convenience Store's Neon Sign

If you own your own convenience store, you most likely rely on help from advertisements, lights, and signs in your windows to help draw customers in through your door. A neon sign can be a welcome addition to your advertising methods as it will help in attracting customers during nighttime hours. It is important to take steps in the care of a neon sign so it exudes brightly-colored light to those who see it. Here are some tips you can use to help in caring for a neon sign if you decide to purchase one for your establishment.

Find The Best Location For Your Sign

It is important to position your neon sign in a part of your window where it will be seen by those outdoors, but away from the possibility of breakage from those walking around inside your store. Avoid placing the sign too close to your front door as this may jar the sign from its positioning if the door slams or if several people enter into your building at one time. Also, keep the sign away from areas where customers will frequent in high volume, such as by a coffee dispensing system or a magazine rack.

Clean Your Sign To Remove Debris

Neon signs tend to attract from insects during nighttime hours. It is a good idea to wipe down your sign each morning to remove any carcasses or debris left behind from these creatures. Use a piece of microfiber cloth to whisk away debris with ease. Failing to remove any debris that lands on your sign can lead to it becoming charred and harder to remove. This would require a deeper cleaning session. A mild cleaning agent can be mixed with water for the removal of debris in this type of situation. It would be necessary to unplug the sign when using water on the tubing. Make sure the sign is completely dry before plugging it back into an outlet.

Handle Cracks Or Flickering Promptly

If you notice a chip or crack in the neon sign's tubing system, it will be necessary to call a professional business to find out about repair work. Unplug the sign and remove it from the window to store in another location. This will keep your customers from becoming injured should they come into contact with the damaged portion of the tubing. If your sign seems to flicker often, there may be a portion of the tubing in need of replacement as well. For more information, contact companies like SignArt of New Mexico, Inc.