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4 Ways To Add Retro Designs To A Prom Banner

Celebrating senior prom is like a right of passage for high school students and this is why every year, they go all out with decorations. Mixing the past with the current generation is a common theme for prom and this can be reflected through music choices and decorations like banners. If you're planning a retro prom and looking to create a memorable banner, then there are five design features that you can implement. Use these designs to have a professional banner printed that will really stand out during the event.

Retro Fonts

One of the easiest ways to make your banner stand out is with retro font designs. Using a classic font for banners like "Welcome to Prom" or "Class of 2016" is a great way to feel the nostalgia and create a banner that pops.

  • Varsity: If you're going for 1950s or 60s theme, then the Varsity font can represent this well. The block-styled text is easy to read and has a classic high school appeal to it.
  • Airstream: This font represents the 1980s well. It features curved text and a fun design that gives off a party vibe. When printed in a bright color, it can work really well on a banner.
  • Good Times: Showcase your love for the 1990s with the font that represents the rise in technology and the start of the computer age. Featuring curved edges and easy-to-read text, the Good times font is great for banner use.

Symbol Letters

Make a banner really stand out by adding retro symbols in the place of letters. There are a number of symbols that can represent different decades and showcase the vintage design that you're going for. These symbols can replace key letters in a prom banner.

  • "O": Replace the "O" in your banner with retro symbols like smiley faces, peace symbols, or a Pac-Man face.
  • "V": Use a symbols like fingers holding up a piece sign or a pixelated piece of pizza to represent a "V."
  • "P": The Prom "P" can be represented with a number of symbols including musical notes or small retro cartoon characters.


Banners can really add a retro vibe by choosing a background that represents the times. The background can really represent the theme of the prom and help your text stand out. For example, if the prom theme is the 1960s or 1970s, then you can choose a colorful background like a tye-dye pattern.

For the 1980's and 1990s, select a background like a sky full of stars or a retro video game. Video game characters made with pixels represents the classic technology and the new era of video games.

Bold colors, pops of neon, and abstract shape designs are also a great way to apply different retro designs. It can help set the mood for the prom. When banner is professionally printed, these colors will really pop and stand out on the design.

Music Technology

Another great way to represent the theme of your prom is by showcasing classic music technology for the era. Each era has different musical features that can be used as images on a banner. The images can be used a nice bookends for the outside of text.

  • 1970s: Represent classic music trends by featuring disco balls or vinyl record images on the banner.
  • 1980s: Showcase your love for 80's music with images like a cassette tape or 8-track. It was also the rise of MTV, so symbols from the network can be used on the banner.
  • 1990s: Compact discs and boomboxes are great symbols of the 1990s music generation. A boombox can be used across the whole banner design as text is applied over it.

By working with a printing company, you can ensure that your banner has a quality design and becomes the center-piece to your prom.